The Dodgers’ Ron Cey Contributes 7″ to Baseball History

When I was a kid growing up in LA, I was a huge Dodgers fan.  Not these current Manny Dodgers, my Dodgers had Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Dusty Baker, and of course the man known as the Penguin, Ron Cey.  These Dodgers would always do autograph signings at local department stores, whether it was Garvey at the Broadway or Lopes at Orbach’s, you could always count on grabbing a few star autographs during the off-season.  Most of the time the guys would sign pictures, baseballs, baseball cards, etc….so imagine my youthful glee as I stepped up to the table to meet Ron Cey only to discover he was selling a homemade 7″ single he’d recorded featuring two country-tinged pop songs, “Third Base Bag” and “One Game at a Time”.   I really don’t know what Cey was thinking, but obviously somebody convinced him it was a good idea.  I’m guessing it was one Clyde Curtis Ligons, the madman credited with writing both songs.  Now, for the first time on the internet, Ron Cey’s seven inches is available for all Dodger fans and baseball historians to enjoy.  

Download the record here:

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The New Year

The say to let bygones be bygones, but if we give that kind of freedom to a robot alien race they’ll take over our fuckin’ planet.

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2008 – Looking Back

You can lead a horse to water, but its not as lubricating as you might think.

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Christmas Morning

If a strap-on is considered a toy, then what happened to my Voltron when I was six?  Daddy?

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Porno Films

Doing a non-sex role in a porno film is like paying a hooker to appraise your house. 

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Silent Night, Holy Night

Religion is about more than filling the empty holes in a young man’s life, its about praying to sweet jesus he keeps his goddam mouth shut afterwards.

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My Man Friday

If you ever take a job as a Man Friday in Thailand, make absolutely sure you know what a Man Friday in Thailand does.

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If a woman wants to have sex with a dog, that’s her right, its her body….if she wants to videotape it, she’s just a show off. 

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No Jewish man is foolish enough to put his two cents in while only getting a penny for his thoughts in return.

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Life is a Journey

Life is a journey, and that’s as good a reason as any to try eating ass.

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